I Here we go again…

There are two types of people in this world, the workers & the shirkers. To conventional eyes it may seem I’m a bit of a shirker. Admittedly the last time I did a wage-day’s work was in September 2008. That got me enough for a ticket to India, where I translated the Tamil Bible, so that counts as work actually. Since then I’ve been ‘off sick’ & living on peanuts, but somehow karma’s taking me back over the mercurial Sea of Araby to the Raj. The reason being, I guess, is I need another 100 or so sonnets to complete my Indiad. It should be fun – mi mate Charlie has bought me my ticket. He’s on the run from practically half of South London, & I’m on the run from the Scottish winter, so a trip far abroad seems the right thing for the both of us.



This’ll be my fourth trip to India. The first time I was getting over a bird, so I wasn’t in the mood to mess with the international army of bikini-clad vixen love-warriors. The second time I was seeing a bird, so I couldn’t. The third time I was splitting up with a bird, so I shouldn’t really. But this time, I’m single, so happy, happy days! The mission for this trip is to get my kural & sonnets published, plus fill in all the gaps with the places I’ve never been – like Gujurat, Kashmir, the North East states & the East Coast. I’m gonna hit Goa as well over the festive season. Last time I was there I took advantage of the DJ-ing oppurtunites, & I’ll also try & do my live tinky disco show.

At the moment me & Charlie are holed up in Edinburgh, but travel to London on Monday for the Wednesday morning flight from Heathrow. My lesbian friend from Todmorden, Fee, lands the day before, so after landing at Mumbai airport at 2.30 AM, we’ll simply get a taxi to our rooms. From there the fun should begin, so see ya next year & hold on to yer hats, cos this is gonna be some ride.


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