June 19-21

Tuesday June 19th

I shaved, wash’d my clothes & relax’d in the sun awhile until the mozzys began to bite. It seems they had been train’d by the Luftwaffe, so I buggar’d off into Berlin for my own safety. It is a very vibrant city & I enjoy’d a stirring afternoon amongst some of its sights; more impressive Nazi architecture at the Olympic stadium, the wonderful greenery of the Tiergarten & the grandiose Brandenburg Gate.

I paus’d awhile in the Bebelplatz, site of the notorious book burning in ’33, then made my way to the university library & blagg’d my way onto a balcony in order to gain a grand perspective of the square. Upon composing a poem, I set off into the neon night & buss’d it back to the campsite. There I met three young German lads & spent the night chattin’ & sharing beer. To my horror they told me the beer I’d been drinkin’ all day was alcohol free – & I thought I was piss’d!

Wednesday June 20th

Woke up about mid-day & hookt up with Thom, one of the guys from last night. We set off out into the city in fine spirits & in blazing sunshine & soon found ourselves sat by the water in the Tiergarten, drinkin’, chillin’ & chattin’. The place was full of Germans baskin’ in the rays. They seem a nice bunch. My hawkish eyes spotted a guy skinning up & I bought a bit of his hash to put the cherry on the cake; or so I thought…

Two fine young eighteen-year old fraulines turn’d up & join’d in our chill. They gave me a wonderful reading of ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Gothe. It turns out they were ballet dancers. We lazed around in the sun for a while then hit a couple of bars for civilised chit-chat, martini & merlot. In the men’s, me & Thom suss’d out which  bird was whose & proceeded to pull them. Mine was a lithe young creature call’d Rebekka & I was soon enough being dragg’d back to hers.

Her room was a wonder to be within. It was decorated in pastel hues, garnish’d with polish’d wood & piney floors. After getting a graceful, private ballet dance, a huge grin slapp’d itself on mi face. Suffice it to say, I did Anglo-German relations a world of good. It was nice to taste the delights of a German woman, her passion for ballet has seem’d to have given her a tenderness rare in the act of lovemaking. Slept well.

Thursday June 21st

After a little more cross-cultural harmony with Rebekka, she took me on an expedition in her car, despite the grim weather that had suddenly closed in. We made our way to Potsdam, & being immediately enamor’d to the place we enter’d the Sans Soucci park, holding hands, a palatial place stuff’d with splendid imperial architecture. Then the sun came out & I felt delightful with life & adventure.

I had a very interesting chat with an old woman about war-time events, then we left the park & wound thro’ Potsdam’s spacious serenity til we found the Schloss Cecilenhof – site of the Potsdam conference (x). After blagging our way in (“We are poets!”) I absorb’d the atmosphere where the modern world was created, before we headed back to Berlin. On the way, Rebekka wanted to show me Wansee. The Konferenzbau where the SS order’d the extermination of the Jews was a villa by the velvety Wansee lake, & it seem’d to glow with an evil hue. The place was closed so we snook over the fence to walk thro’ its garden where I could muse on the events.

We drove to a restaurant for a fine evening meal – which made a great change from all the sausage I had been eatin’. On returning to hers she did her own little bit of sausage eatin – & I must say, what they say about German efficiency is true.

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