1976, June : Born in Burnley, Lancashire

1987, September : Start secondary schooling at Gawthorpe High School, Padiham

1992, June : Complete secondary education – GCSEs – 6xB, 1xC, 1xE.

1996, August : Start degree course in popular music studies in Barnsley.

1997, Early : Enjoy my poetical epiphany while reading WB Yeats. Decided to become a poet.

1997, April : Begin poetical training in Portsmouth.

1998, April-May : Six weeks tour of Europe. Compose ‘The Death of Shelley’ from my busking base in Pisa.

1998, Autumn-Winter : Based in Burnley I would tour up & down England composing the first of the ‘Silver Rose’ sonnets.

1999-2000 : Compose ‘Testamundi Imperatrix’ in Brighton

2000, May-June : Compose ‘Waterloo’ section of ‘Axis & Allies’ in France, Italy & Belgium.

2000, November : Decide upon writing the twentieth century section of ‘Axis & Allies.’

2001 : Compose 400 tryptychs of ‘Axis & Allies’ from my base at Tunbridge Wells. Visit Normandy, Italy, Germany, Austria & The Czech republic. Composed as yet unconnected tryptychs on the 9-11 ‘terror attacks.’

2002, January-April : Tour India, writing sonnets & the Indian tryptychs. Two near-death experiences in the space of a week; caught in a flash-flood off the Andaman Islands, & involved in a fatal bus-crash en route to Murshidibad. Discover the ‘Thirukural’ in Tamil Nadu.

2002, June-July : Complete composition of what at that time was ‘Axis & Allies’ in England & Ireland.

2002-2003, Autumn-Winter : Resident in Leeds. Commence ‘Poetical Essays.’

2003, May-June : Return to ‘Axis & Allies,’ adding 200 tryptychs on the First World War & the Cold War. Visit the Somme Battlefields, Croatia & Ireland.

2003, July : Meet Glenda Rome at the Wickerman Festival in Glasgow.

2003-2004, Winter-Spring : Squatting two houses in London; Bulwer Court, Leytonstone & Dorothy Road, Clapham. Type up & edit the first ‘final’ version of ‘Axis & Allies.’

2004, Spring-Summer : On being forced out of London squats I embarked on a series of poetical compositions, experimenting with many forms & styles including odes. Visit Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia & Italy. In the latter country I wrote a few as yet unconnected tryptychs on the history of Rome. While in Italy I compose the first cantos of ‘The Language of Flowers.’

2004, October : Move into Scotland Street in Edinburgh’s New Town with Glenda.

2005 : Work on ‘The Scotiad,’ an epic poem concerning William Wallace & Robert the Bruce.

2006, Spring : Compose new tryptychs on Napoleon for ‘Axis & Allies.’ Visit northern Italy with Glenda. Finally get round to learning at least some of the Italian language. Work on Italia-themed sonnets.

2006-2007 : Huge effort on ‘Axis & Allies,’ knitting all the disparate sequences into one composite whole, beginning with Troy & concluding with 9-11 & the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Visit the Basque Country, Ireland & Rajasthan. Joined by Glenda to spend the colder seasons in Sicily & Malta. Complete a number of Poetical Essays on the island of Marettimo. Compose tryptychs on the 1565 siege of Malta. Work on Italian & Malta themed sonnets.

2007, May : Move into Heather Lodge, on the Whittinghame Estate, East Lothian

2008-2009, Autumn-Winter: Travel to India without Glenda to transcreate the ‘Thirukural.’ Compose tryptychs on the Mumbai terror Attack.

2009, Summer : Working on the futuristic, Nostradamian tryptychs of ‘Axis & Allies.’ Walking tour of the far north of Scotland in late June & early July.

2009, September : Leave Heather Lodge after separating from Glenda. Finish the latest edition of ‘Axis & Allies’ at Shelley’s grave in Rome

2009, November : Move into Dickson Street, Edinburgh, with Victor Pope.

2010, Summer : Compose ‘The Ediniad’ grand sequanza of sonnets.

2010, Autumn : Commence historical studies, beginning with the Battle of Brunanburh.

2010-2011, Autumn-Spring : Tour India with Charlie Fairclough. Work on many Indian sonnets.

2011, May : The death of Osama Bin Laden spurs on a new composition period of ‘Axis & Allies.’

2011, October-December : Tour of Italy & Greece, with companions Victor Pope & Paul Underwood. Work on the ‘Homeric Answer.’ Tour mainland Greece alone & write this period’s final tryptychs on the slopes of Parnassus & Olympus.

2012-13 : Resident in Albert Street, Edinburgh. Further historical studies haunting the National Library of Scotland

2013-2014, Autumn-Spring : Tour India working on the Jesus Jigsaw.

2014, Spring-Autumn : Back in Edinburgh, compose ‘Junkie Fucks’ after an unfortunate residence with drug-dealers.

2014-15, November-June : Resident in Burnley at Laithe Street, working on historical studies & creating the final assemblages of ‘Axis & Allies’ & the ‘Silver Rose.’ Commence ‘The Language of Birds.’ Meet Emily Beeson at the Eden Festival in Galloway.

2015-16, July-April : Resident in Dalmeny with Emily. Complete the ‘Language of Birds’ in November. Compose the ‘Battle of Bataclan’ not long after.

2016, April : Move into Baro Farm Cottages, East Lothian. Begin to finalise further ‘Axis & Allies’ & ‘The Silver Rose.’

2016, September : Visit Italy & Paris with Emily. Commence the ‘Honeymoon’ finale to the ‘Silver Rose.’

2016, November : Begin ‘The Insanity of Donald Flump.’

2016-17, December-January : Visit Seattle with Emily. Incorporate visit into the ‘Honeymoon.’

2017 February-June : Resident in Herdmanflatt, Haddington. Begin assembling the Pendragon Collection. Compose Sylvermane, The Last Wolf of Scotland.

2017, July : Holiday in Crete, in which time the ‘Letters from Crete’ Are assembl’d.

2017, September : Begin Stars & Stripes

2018, January : Begin Walking East Lothian blog.

2018, March : Resident in Carfrae.

2018, April : Complete 2nd book of Stars & Stripes

2018, July: Complete the Insanity of Donald Flump

2018, Summer-Autumn : Complete the Pendragon Collection.

A century after this Church was reopened, I entered the world

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