X: Paradise

Dudes, sorry ’bout the delay but I’ve been hammock’d up in my little slice of paradise where the internet is unheard of but the samosas are wicked! I last e-mail’d way back in Chennai – it seems so long ago now – where I caught a ship to the Andaman Islands. Spent most of the journey shaking off my first case of dysentry (have you ever shit blood?). Along with an Amsterdam whore I think a young man’s first tropical disease is an initiation into manhood – my body can do that!? Being thrown into bunk class with another thirty Western tourists was cool, as I found a few new friends for the islands. As luck would have it, one of them just so happen’d to have a bottle of liquid acid! ‘Aha!’ I thought, ‘things are looking interesting.’

After a few days pottering about the Andaman capital, Port Blair, a group of us (about 12 in total) caught a boat to Havelock Island. I instantly hired a bike (my first one with gears) & razzed off round the island to Beach Seven (they don’t have names) & made camp on the beach. The next few days were spent swimming, snorkeling, writing & playing chess in the village with the locals. I’ve also found the next new Olympic sport… hermit races. Basically you choose a hermit crab from the beach & place it in the centre of a circle drawn in the sand… first crab to the perimeter wins. We’ve also been cooking for ourselves & you will soon be able to taste the fruits of my newly acquired culinary skills – masalas & chapattis. I say soon as I’m back on April 17th (just in time for the play-offs).

Andaman Dawn.JPG

My defining moment of the Andamans came during my second romantic interlude of the tour… Celia. She is a fine & feisty Norwegian Blonde. One night, while riding the rough track to the campsite (right by the sea & lit up all night by the brightest moonlight I’ve ever seen) I was struck by a fine ass, pass’d her, stopp’d & invited her back for a spliff. Next morning I took her on a tour of the island’s beaches, producing a moment to smile about til I die. On my left was the lumescent turquoise ocean, on my right the lush jungle, up above a perfect sun, down below a mighty motorbike, up in front the open road & right behind a gorgeous blonde.  When spending a day at the office one likes to have pictures of sexy ladies to look at… I was sat writing my film while her skimpily clad curvature splash’d in the waves.

The police moved us on from our impromptu site a couple of days ago & today I took a boat back to the capital, as two weeks with a bunch of trip-heads is plenty. I’ve had to soak my feet in Dettol water and cover them in plasters for the coral has ripp’d them to shreds. You’ve gotta be real careful with your cuts as they can soon go bad in the humidity (and the fuckin flies know exactly where the sores are). I’m catching another boat on Saturday, this time to Calcutta, from where I shall begin my journey to Bombay & England. I intend to find a lovely remote spot in the Himalayas to write some poetry. As I’ve travell’d I’ve also been gathering notes about India & hope to turn them into a poetic piece call’d ‘The Raj & the Rose.’

Port Blair

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