XVII: More Mountain Stuff

So I found the guy with the liquid acid. Didn’t take any tho,’ didn’t need to. Nine kilometers above Almora on a ridge nestles the hamlet of Kasa Devi, a true poetic paradise, the blooming spring enough to bring on my hay fever. I trawled up there on an expedition in a jeep & stumbled upon a hideaway for serious Western smokers. Some guys have been here for years! It turns out this is where the geezer who became the Beatles Guru is from & he used to bring them up here back in ‘66. There’s one good reason why – marijuana grows in the street. It’s true! I’m just walking around checking out the view & stumbling across ten thousand pounds worth of ganja crop. It’s crazy! The Females aren’t cultivated so they are not full of bud, but it’s still an awesome sight. No wonder the Baba sold me a bag for 10 rupees back in Naini Tal. I stayed a couple of days up in Kasa Devi, sharing a house with some dudes I met on the boat. It’s all very chillin’, surrounded by breathtaking views – especially early in the morning when the five peak’d Nanda Devi range – the highest mountain claim’d by the British Empire – is resplendent in all its towering, snow-capp’d glory. I hired an Agatha Christie book for 10 rupees, bought 10 grams of charas for 2-pound-fifty & chill’d out in the sun. The one drawback was the chilly nights. My housemates had all the gear, including thermal socks, where all I had were sandals & a hammock for a blanket.

Came back down to Almora on the 4th, with one of the guys in tow. Book’d in to the same hotel as before & we had a real lad’s day. Beer, weed, two Champions League matches & pool. There is a cool snooker place in town with two swish baize tables & our playing pool on a full sized snooker table led to quite a crowd watchin’ the games. Despite my fuck’d shoulder (the exercise actually did it some good – 60% heal’d) I won 2-0, the third game being abandon’d because we were too stoned. Caught a sleeper bus straight to Delhi last night & got in about 5. It has taken til now (11 am) for the sun to break thro’ the clouds of smog that hang over the city. I’ve taken a reasonably starr’d room (200 rupees) for tonight but move into a cheaper one tomorrow (100 rupees). There are a couple of things I want to see here, being all the British shit at New Delhi & the ruins of Tuqluquabad. Apparently the capital is thick with thieves so wish me & my wallet luck.


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